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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • We do not just remove the mold but we ensure it doesn’t resurface
  • Our methodology is formulated with multiple steps for TOTAL mold Removal and Remediation Process. (See sample process below)
  • The chemical we use will be formulated customized to the mold type, the surface its growing on, the stage it’s in, and extent of the mold contamination at your premise. *SEE BELOW FOR – CAN I BUY YOUR CHEMICALS TO DIY and WHAT ARE THE CHEMICALS YOU USE
  • We provide a thorough decontamination plan with the prevention of cross-contamination and protection of future molding.

What is your process to achieve the above-said methodology?

We will arrange for an Environmental Consultant to attend a site inspection at your premise to determine the mold situation that you are facing

What is the Site Inspection Process?

  • An Environment Consultant will be appointed for the Site Inspection
  • Proprietary cutting-edge technology will be used by our Environmental Consultant
  • Moisture Measuring System, A protimeter will enable us to detect moisture found behind walls and ceiling
  • Hygrometer a device used for Humidity and Temperature Monitoring Systems, providing mitigation and drying of moisture solution.
  • There are no charges for consultation. A nominal fee for transportation of $30 is to be paid upon completion of the site inspection.

What does the quotation come with after the site inspection?

You will receive

  • A detailed quotation within 3 days with an Executive summary of the
    mold situation
  • A promotional price with 10-15% discount. (Which covers the transportation and the GST)
  • An Additional 1-month warranty
  • An option for a free Post Remediation Assessment after the works are completed 30-45 days (Read below for PRA)
  • The Environmental Consultant appointed to you will manage your site end to end, quoting the lowest possible price based on your specific mold situation.

What other options can we take for site inspection?

  • ATP Sanitation Monitoring System additional cost ($50.00)
    Adenosine Triphosphate, is the energy molecule found in mold which indicates if a surface is decontaminated. This is an optional scope that can be carried out post-remediation works.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing (10 parameters) ($500.00 for residential premise)
    (IAQ) is to test the quality of air within a confined space. IAQ testing involves the collection of air and surface samples. We use the post-remediation IAQ Test results to identify if there will be any re-occurrence of mold growth.
  • Surface Sampling
    Involves taking tape samples from the surface and analyzing them for the presence of mold spores or other evidence of mold growth. This method is more precise than visual inspection and can identify mold contamination even in hard-to-reach areas.

Can you give us an example of your process?

Below is the BASIC mold treatment plan, usually used for bathroom ceiling

  1. Principal Treatment with Active Mold remover solution
  2. Cold Bio-Fogging
  3. Fresco on all affected areas Waterproof membrane
  4. Moldguard whitewash
  5. Protection – Active Shield
    Protection Technology

Can I have a Ball park figure for your charges ?

Your Investment for Mold remediation starts from $430.00, which includes a white wash of anti-mold paint with a high amount of sporicidal solution mixed, completed with Active Shield Protection Technology which kills bacteria for 90 days with warranty.

As explained previously, the charges are based on the Mold remediation Plan which is Mold Removal Process and Prevention and Protection Plan, we do not have a package as such, you may click the link below to have an understanding of how we charge.

What is Active Shield Protection Technology?

Active Shield Protection Technology is a Self-disinfecting Anti- Microbial solution that uses a proprietary compound to keep surfaces protected for 180 days. When coated on any surface, microbes or mold spores landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact. It’s effective against bacteria, Mold, fungus and coronavirus.

Click below to understand how Active Shield works.

How long is your warranty period?

Warranty is issued from 3 mths to 18 mths, based on the risk level. The higher the risk, the longer we provide the warranty to protect our customers. At an average, we issue a 3-6 months warranty.

What if the Mold backslides (returns)?

As part of the mold remediation process, we provide Post Remediation Assessment at no cost ( for premises that we have conducted site inspection previously) We will return in about 30 to 40 days to check on the RH, Moisture and due point, to ensure all is good, and we also extend the warranty period for another month ( Terms and Conditions Apply)

What if I see mold spores in other areas after the treatment?

If in the event there are mold residuals to visibly appear, call us and we will decontaminate immediately and advise the next action to be taken. No charges on the areas that we have decontaminated before.

What are the chemicals you use?

We apply of non-leaching, anti-microbial to prevent mold re-growth. NEA Approved, child and pet Safe, Chemicals are approved BY NEA

Click below to see the active ingredients used to formulate the chemicals

Can I purchase the chemicals to DIY?

Please purchase the chemical required to keep your premise safe from bacteria, virus, fungi and mold.
Please take note that Active Series is included in NEA’s Interim List of Household Products Effective against Coronavirus

(A) Active Mold Control
(Used on walls, ceiling, bathroom floor, tiles, bowl, shower screen etc)

You will receive

  1. Active Mold Control – to be used on Walls, bathroom floors, tiles and ceiling, *effective against psocids*.
  2. Active Shield Protection Technology – Keeps *surface protected up to 90 days* after Decontamination


(B) Active Mold Control Lite
(Wood and Leather Surface)

You will receive:

  1. 1 x Active Mold Control Lite – to be used on all *wood surfaces and on leather products*
  2. 1 x Active Shield Protection Technology – Keeps *surface protected up to 90 days* after Decontamination


(C) Active Clean Control
(For all other surfaces)

You will receive:

  1. 1 x Active Clean – to be used on *all other surfaces* like laminate, fabric, synthetic rubber and PVC materials
  2. 1 x Active Shield Protection Technology – Keeps *surface protected up to 90 days* after Decontamination

What do your customers say about your service?

Please click the link below which will redirect to our google review page

What are your credentials?

  • Bizsafe4
  • Environmental Management Association of Singapore
  • Best In Singapore
  • SME 500 Singapore Award Winner 2023
  • Singapore’s Finest
  • SME Excellence Business Award 22/23
  • TOP Business Service and Quality 22/23

How long will we take to do the remediation?

  • Remediation takes a minimum of 2 to 4 Hours per session.
  • For extensive remediation, we may take up to 2 Days, 8 hours per day. We start work at 10am and will end work at 6pm. We will deploy air scrubbers to clean the air for an hour so that you can go to bed by 9pm with no unpleasant smell.

How many men will be attending on the day of remediation?

  • One team consists of One Supervisor and 2 technicians.
  • Based on our SLA with NEA we can deploy maximum of 2 teams for residential premise.

What are the qualifications of HVAC team?

All techs are certified for Environmental Infection Control and Management in Non-Healthcare Premises.

Can I remain in the premise while mold remediation is being carried out?

You may remain in the premise but kindly avoid the room where treatment is being carried out.

What are your past Projects?

Some of our Past Projects (2021 to 2023) below

Past Projects