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We offer Server room and Data Centre Cleaning Services in Singapore. Data center cleaning service refers to the process of cleaning and maintaining the physical infrastructure and components of a data center. Cleaning and dust removal of a data centre, and server room is important for the operation of equipment. Data centre cleanup after construction and major installations or upgrades, detailed cleanup is essential. Regular services keep the room free of dust and other airborne contaminants that can accumulate on equipment, and cause equipment to overheat.

Data Centre Cleaning Services Process Overview

  • Clean all surfaces
  • Clean all surfaces and wipe with anti-static wipes. Gaps are hard to reach.
  • Clean the sub-floors
  • Remove raised floor tiles, remove particles from sub-floor panels, vacuum, wipe with IPA staticide and collect any loose parts.
  • Clean the upper floor
  • Replace raised floor tiles, vacuum all particles, and wipe floor tiles with anti-static wipes.

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