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We have specialized teams for vessel disinfection in Singapore, approved by the Maritime Port Authority (MPA). Our HVAC Vessel Disinfection team will take care of your disinfection needs onboard your ship.

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IV. We will give you priority for your vessel disinfection and clearance.

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    We are your No.1 choice for ship disinfection.

    • Containers
    • Livestock Carriers
    • Tugs/Dredgers
    • Bulk
    • Leisure
    • Military
    • Chemical
    • Tankers/Rigs
    • Trawlers/Fishers
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    approved certificate
    • HVAC is a NEA and MPA(Port Health) approved.

    • Authorized to work with & within MPA (Port Health).

    • Proper documentation and issuance of report of work (Disinfection) for relevant governing body.

    • Trusted by many vessel owners and agents.


    Environmental Management Association of Singapore
    Best Award
    Best Disinfection Services
    Singapore Disinfection Services


    Our priority is to take care of your vessel’s hygiene and eliminate health hazards arising  from virus, mold and bacteria.
    Singapore Vessel Disinfection

    WHY US?

    • HVAC is an approved vendor in NEA’s List of companies that can carry out disinfection works for Covid positive cases.

    • Active Clean, our virucide disinfectant, is in NEA’s List of Products Effective against Coronavirus and is certified to be US EPA, FDA and OSHA compliant.

    • Disposal of Biohazard Waste. (Report with Certification)

    • Experienced Teams are certified based on NEA/MOH Guidelines for Disinfection of Areas Exposed to Confirmed Case(s) of COVID-19 in Non-Healthcare Premises.

    • Authorized to work with & within MPA (Port Health).

    • Our teams are on RRT program 1 DAY swab test cycle.

    • Trusted by many vessel’s owners and agents.

    • Proper documentation and issuance of report of work (Disinfection) for relevant governing body.


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    #21 Senang Crescent, HVAC Building, Singapore 416594