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Cleaning and Disinfection

We offer the most cost-effective Corona virus disinfection service in Singapore. Our crews don PPE to protect themselves and our clients from cross contamination. We specialise in disinfecting your home, commercial building, office building, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, schools and more. We not only disinfect the interior surfaces, but also decontaminate carpets, air con filters and other surfaces that comes in contact with people.

Air Quality Testing

We offer Indoor Air Quality Testing service in Singapore. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring or Testing (IAQ) is an essential process to determine the level of contaminants present in indoor air which can affect productivity & well-being of occupants. There are multiple factors causing contamination of air. The presence of dust particles, pollen, mold, VOCs are a few out of many causes that impact the air we breathe. Regular indoor air quality testing can help to identify issues with air quality.

Air Cleaner

We are well-renowned as one of the trusted Dehumidifier Manufacture and supplier in Singapore. We also Offer Customized Design and Specs to Meet the Needs of Client. We supply portable small dehumidifier, Industrial Dehumidifier & permanent ceiling mounted dehumidifier for properties which experiences excessive moisture and mold damages.

Bio-Medical Waste Management

BMW (Bio-Medical Waste) Management is a biohazard waste disposal company that specializes in medical and or any other biohazard waste treatment services. We offer effective clinical and biohazardous waste collection and disposal in accordance with local guidelines, at an affordable price.

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